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Producing art is to produce encounters

About us

Producing art is to produce encounters. The encounter between artists and their audiences. Between one’s expression and the other’s gaze. Between experiences and feelings. Between the market and history. Between the local and the universal. Between art and life. That is what inspires Arte A, which has since 2006 dedicated itself to bringing the World’s art to Brazil, and taking Brazil’s art to the world.

Arte A offers, to its art and culture projects, all the experience and verve of a dedicated and experienced multidisciplinary team, headed by partners Rodolfo de Athayde and Ania Rodríguez, professionals with an international background in art and humanities and with over 15 years of experience with renowned and award-winning music and visual arts projects.

The Team

Rodolfo de Athayde

Founding Partner and General Director

Ania Rodríguez

Founding Partner and Production Coordinator

Jennifer McLaughlin

Executive Producer

Bete Esteves|Complexo D

Visual Programming and Design

Lisiany Mayão

Financial Manager


One of main advantages of Arte A is the ability to add effective strategy and communication with different target audiences to traditional curatorial work and art production, ensuring the socio-cultural impact of the projects, while adding value to the entire undertaking, brands and companies involved.


Creation, assembly and organization of cultural productions focusing on projects related to the arts.


Analysis of creative and curatorial processes until they are implemented.


Overall management of the project, including fundraising and logistics coverage, in collaboration with companies and prominent industry professionals

Event organization

Organization of cultural and promotional events with national and international scopes.

In every step of the job, whatever the size of the project, one will find our mission and purpose, i.e., to allow audiences to have contact and to interact – often for the first time in their lives – with collections and works by local and international artists that promote the experience of reflection and knowledge about themselves and about the world and time in which we live.

Because at the end of each project, the work that we really celebrate is a bridge – bridge of tones and sounds, volumes and voids, textures and readings, signs and meanings, concrete things and affections – the bridge between cultures and realities, between people and time, this vast and indestructible bridge that only art is capable of building.


  • Museu Nacional de Damasco (Síria)
  • Palácio Azem – Museu das Tradições Populares de Damasco (Síria)
  • Museu da Cidade de Aleppo (Síria)
  • Museu Nacional de Irã
  • Museu Reza Abbasi (Teerã, Irã)
  • Museu dos Tapetes (Teerã, Irã)
  • Galeria Continua (San Gimignano, Itália)
  • Gladstone Gallery (Nova York, USA)
  • October Gallery (Londres, UK)
  • Outlet (Istanbul, Turquia)
  • Saatchi Gallery (Londres, UK)
  • Estudio Carlos Garaicoa
  • Panamerican Art Gallery
  • Arte 3
  • Art Unlimited
  • Base 7


Check here what was published about our exhibitions:

Urban Being – Carlos Garaicoa

[download here]


Los Carpinteros: Vital Object

[download here]


Kandinsky – Everything Stars From a Dot

[download here]


Visions on the Ludwig Collection

[download here]


The Langsdorff Expedition

[download here]

Mirages – Contemporary Art in the Islamic world

[download here]


Islam – Art and Civilization

[download here] and [here]


Watch me Move: The Animation Show

[download here]


The Russian Turning

[download here]


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