Visions on the Ludwig Collection

January 21, 2014

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A lifetime dedicated to collecting art can be the dream of many. But when an immense collection is available to the public in various cities of the world, this dream becomes reality through the impact and transformation that causes in the lives of people who have the opportunity to come in contact with these works. This is the case of the Ludwig Collection, which over time is reaffirmed and redefined by extending their tentacles: more than a collection, several institutions; More than seats, a full foundation dedicated to research on art.
The breadth of the collection is reflected in the exhibition we present here: heterogeneous with respect to pooled, the diverse origins of the creators, hybrid directions in their artistic tendencies. The public will have the opportunity to participate in this polyphony, in which multiple voices of artists from diverse backgrounds establish dialogues and build ties between them unpublished. Pop, photorealism, neo-expressionism, among many other variants of representation, form part of this show.
The question of artistic expression is not the only guide of the collection, but also the diagnosis of contexts, the ability to grasp the vision of each artist in this world and rebuild their cultural surroundings. It’s a tangled web, paves the intersecting lines of an artist to another, from one geography to another. As a conductor of his own symphony, the public is also invited to speak, sharpen your ear to let flow improbable dialogues and in coping with various works, develop a vision of broader and richer world.



  • São Paulo 01.25 to 04.21.2014 – CCBB São Paulo
  • Rio de Janeiro 05.13 to 07.21.2014 – CCBB Rio de Janeiro
  • Belo Horizonte 08.19 to 10.20.2014 – CCBB Belo Horizonte

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  • Evgenia Petrova
  • Joseph Kiblitsky
  • General Direction

  • Rodolfo de Athayde
  • General Coordination

  • Ania Rodríguez
  • Project management

  • Jennifer McLaughlin
  • Production Assistant

  • Karen Ituarte
  • Research and Assistant Curator

  • Laura Cosendey
  • Executive Assistant

  • Daniele Oliveira
  • Assistant Designer

  • Monique Santos
  • Finance

  • Lisiany Mayão
  • Finance Assistant

  • Anderson Oliveira