The Russian Turning

October 18, 2013

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Best 2009 Exposition Award and Best 2009 International Exposition Award by Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics

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The Avant-garde in the Collection of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg


The Russian Turning exhibition is a revelation in many ways. It shows, in time and in art, the cultural and artistic effervescence that marked the beginning of the twentieth century in Russia and has led to important artistic movements, such as Non-Objectivism, Rayonism and especially Suprematism and Constructivism. The exhibition brings to Brazil works by essential names like Kandinsky, Chagall, Tátlin, Ródtchenko and Maliévitch, who are creators that reflect, each one with their own art, the undeniable spirit of that time, of the socio-political transformations undergone by their internal and external worlds. A rare collection, from the largest collection of Russian art in the world, which has the approach and visions of Russian scholars themselves about an art and a time that are usually mediated only by the look of Western authors. There are 123 works – including paintings, posters, sculptures and costumes -, which put Brazilian visitors face to face for the first time with this revolutionary vanguard that helped lay the foundation for modern art in the twentieth century.

  • Brasília: 04.07 to 06.07.2009 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Rio de Janeiro: 06.23 to 08.23.2009 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • São Paulo: 09.15 to 11.15.2009 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

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  • Yevgenia Petrova
  • Joseph Kiblitsky
  • Ania Rodríguez
  • Rodolfo de Athayde

  • Rodolfo de Athayde

  • Ione Alves
  • Daniela Camargo

  • Lydia Rollemberg
  • Yasmine Sefraoui