Watch me Move: The Animation Show

October 18, 2013

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150 years of history of the motion picture. Watch Me Move: the Animation Show dynamically explores the history, culture and future of animation, showing its influence on the contemporary global culture, its languages, its striking characters and its evolution. Organized by the curatorial staff of the Barbican Centre in London, which is considered to be the largest multi-arts center in Europe, and organized here in Brazil by Arte A, the exhibition gathers contemporary artists and exponents of experimental movies, along with the ones produced by commercial studios, such as Fleischer, Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Aardman, Ghibli and Pixar. This wealth of content is distributed into six thematic sections, which describe the evolution of the genre, starting with its analog origins, where the nascent technique creates a ghostly, magical and frightening expression, whose images behave like visual appearances. Then, when the technique starts to mature, ‘storytelling’ begins to prevail, giving room for the birth of fables and great characters, starting the type of narratives that we currently know, where there is immersion in the history and identification of the public with the characters. Then, pointing to the future, the exhibition highlights the experimentation with the language, the perception of color and motion, the wealth of editing as a narrative, the metalanguage of the technique and the technology. Finally, it explores the somewhat hierarchical relationship between animation and film, and its integration with other media, completing this big picture and offering a current reflection on animation as an important cultural and social-political phenomenon that is present everywhere. There are more than 100 works occupying a generous space, which includes a special room in homage to Brazilian animation, created especially for the edition of the exhibition in Brazil. A highly immersive and dynamic exhibition that balances entertainment and historical research, resulting in a rewarding and instructive experience for the wide audience to which it is intended: children and adults, laymen or experts on the subject, visitors that watch and participate in the re-creation of the imaginary history of this genre.


  • Rio de Janeiro: 02.05 to 04.07.2013 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil do Rio de Janeiro
  • Brasília: 04.30 to 07.07.2013 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil de Brasília

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  • Greg Hilty
  • General Direction

  • Rodolfo de Athayde
  • Production Coordination

  • Ania Rodriguez Alonso
  • Project Management

  • Jennifer McLaughlin
  • Production Assistants

  • Daniele Oliveira
  • Lucas Bevilaqua
  • Finance

  • Simone Tomé