DreamWorks Animation: A Exposição – uma Jornada do Esboço à tela

January 22, 2019

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“1nd most visited Brazilian Exhibition in 2019,

by The ARTNewspaper.”


DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition: – Journey from Sketch to Screen features over 400 items including rare and never-before-seen concept drawings, models and original artworks, interviews and interactive displays from DreamWorks much-loved and favourite animated classics.

Take a fascinating and exciting journey from original sketches of grumpy ogres and friendly dragons, to the amazing stories and worlds brought to the screen by DreamWorks’ award-winning artists.


  • Rio de Janeiro 06.02.19 to 15.04.19 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
  • Belo Horizonte 15.05.19 to 29.07.19 – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Check the [clipping] of the exhibition.


Image Credit:
01. Kung Fu Panda (2008), artist Ritchie Sacilioc
02. Kung Fu Panda (2008), artists Nico Marlet (character), Raymond Zibach (color)
03. Madagascar (2005), artist Alex Puvilland
04. Trolls (2016), artist Timothy Lamb
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  • ACMI ( Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation Studio
  • Production Brazil

  • Arte A Produções
  • Rodolfo de Athayde
  • Ania Rodríguez
  • Project Direction

  • Jennifer McLaughlin
  • Install Direction

  • Karen Ituarte
  • Finance

  • Lisiany Mayão